Saturday, September 1, 2007

Some tips from the clip "LOOKING BACK"

Check out the "Looking Back"clip.
Hi, today I went through the 'Looking Back' project files and saved out some stills so I could share some behind the scenes stuff. So here goes, the first shows how the swap out the heads trick worked. The central character needed to be 'with child' and I needed a solution which was purely Antics. As with all the 3d content, the whole clip is from Antics library of characters and props. A sphere for a tummy and some shading on a jumper shader did the job. The second image is from the graveyard. Again I was looking for an Antics solutions so every cross is made up of two rectangle boxes. They are then placed one by one so that the followed the contour of the ground. The panoramic view is aided by some cool Sky maps I've got in addition to the Antics library of sky maps. The sky is mapped onto a sphere, this way it can be rotated to put the sun exactly where you want it. In the final outdoor scene of the clip I animated a rotation on the sky so the clouds looked like they were drifting.

The next frame is showing how the path is set for the the camera crane on the baseball field. I draw the path flat on the ground, starting at the end position,(close to the feet) then place points radially out so that the path resembles a snail shell. Then I set the height of each point in a side view. In the shot the boy's grip on the bat was done in the grasp editor and the hat was attached using an attach command.(which was kinda broke every time the scene reloaded). The amy base scene had some paths in the sky for the f-15 aircraft and some more on the ground for the tanks. The real trick here is that the character's head also needed swapping but the helmet remained with the body model. The shot got a heavy post treatment so a billboard blue screen was put in once the shot was worked out. To seperate the guy out.

Lastly I wanted to demonstrate the lighting of the bedroom scene. The shutters were built using the box primitives, the orange card in the tv is for the inset of some vision, the path around the bed show where the camera travelled. Outside, across the road are some buildings with night shots of a city used as shaders. The shutters are setup to catch some of the lights between the slots. The effect was enhanced with a post treatment to make some light rays. A light on a path gives the tv flicker lighting.

That's it for now. I've got a before and after clip here. Or you can check out the final clip here - "Looking Back".

Be sure to bring some tissues!