Monday, February 11, 2008

New content

If you're reading this then there's a good chance you've got Antics.
If not then get it, it's free after all. Anyway, the weakest link to the whole Antics solution is the character creation aspect. So I wanted to appeal to you guys (and girls) to help sort this out once and for all. I need to hear your suggestions and solutions to getting more character content into Antics. Let me start the ball rolling by thanking user "cmbubak" for the FACEGEN tip, The faces in the image are imported as .3ds models and placed onto one of the pirate characters. It took about 2mins! once the head is in position you can attach it to the body's head node in a command line. That way it'll allow you to walk the new character and still use the lookat features. (ish)

I've also checked out Quidam, and poser. I always run into a dead end with the skeleton setup.
Ideally if we can find a solution that doesn't involve 3ds MAX, then that would be heaven.

The main topics for discussion are FACE MAPPING and SKELETON RIGGING.

Please, if there's anyone out there......