Sunday, December 16, 2007

New Face mapping

Welcome to the holiday season!

Just a quick note to check out the Christmas pack.It's very cool.

Our first quadped ! Some very funny clips can be made using the reindeer and biped animation!

Also check out santa's face map, now we can customise left and right sides! Let's hope this is the way all maps are done!!
Of course the first thing I tried was to try and swap out a horse geometry for the reindeer, no luck there, (the horse doesn't have a skeleton, so it's a prop not a character.)

Here's a test using crazytalk5, there's got to be a way of getting this onto my antics santa,

Maybe if I write to Santa.......Dear Santa, I know I've been kinda good, any chance you'll let me project textures onto geometry or something......

Merry Christmas!!