Friday, July 11, 2008

future of Antics

At the recent webinar some exciting news was discussed about the next release. Antics V3.5
it is well worth having a listen
The biggest news was the announcement that shadows and fog lights are heading our way.

Also covered in the webinar was the adoption of user customised shortcuts, the status of facial expressions, an ANTICS version for MAC, Some wonderful news on character generator (including clothes/sizes faces, headsizes),
Topics such as depth of field, real world constraints, particle effects and physics were also noted as being on the agenda.
More fourlegged content (a present we have a reindeer) this would allow users to integrate animals with animation into work.
A measure tool, import fbx animation and a bvh editor within Antics was also talked about.
The ability to import/export data from Antics to your 3d app was also raised. The ability to improve the data exchange of camera paths between Antics and Max/Maya is great news.
It's been possible in some other applications for a while now (Storyviz) and it would be great to exchange this data with 3d and compositing applications (like After effects)
The developers put out a call for uses to define the export data pipeline (how would people use the ability to export a camera path for example....)

I also found it interesting to hear about a command console solution for text, something I'll investigate further. It is great to hear the developers are open to our input and are calling for more sugestions.

Anyway have a listen. It is very encouraging that this great product has such a great team behind it. And if you would like to discuss these features or outline features not covered, this is the place to do it. Not all the points listed above are going to make it to the next release BTW some are more for future releases.

Thanks to
Gary Conway and Adrian Leu