Sunday, November 16, 2008

Quidam the "Holy Grail"

I've started to get stuck into working on a pipeline for custom character creation. I've now got acess to 3ds so I can try out some modding of the sample character supplied by Antics. The Plug-in "Antics exporter" worked nicely from Max to Antics. The main tip is to name your root node "pelvis". I'm no max expert but I was able to get in and play with the mesh to make the guy have a fat tummy or a big head.(bit like some people I know!)

As for building my own character, I was able to create a biped in Max which exported into Antics quite well, (although the eyes will require a node each.) My next step is to bring in a character mesh from say Quidam or Poser and skin the Biped skeleton. Better still would be to try a fully rigged character imported into Max. I remember going down the Poser road a while ago and I ran into a deadend with the skeleton being too different from the max biped structure. (and not knowing enough to fix it)

Although Deep Exploration do have a poser to max solution now.

I see Quidam have a max exporter and it'd be good to get hold of a 3ds converted file from someone to try this out.

I'll let you know....

please let me know if anyone out there is having as much fun as I am.