Saturday, November 8, 2008

Survival Guide

I agree with Colonel Klink -
"If the 3DS Max examples for set pieces such as vehicles (autos, boats, planes, helicopters), characters with the emotions, door and window animations, etc, I'm sure there are talented people within the Antics3D community that could create new content.
As a 3D modeler who has made content for a couple of games, and contracted to create models for a commercial 3D application, I had considered purchasing Iclone before buying Antics3D. What endeared me to Iclone was that I could create content to give away or sell.
Now if people at Antics could provide the necessary examples as mentioned above I am willing work with folks who wish to keep Antics alive.
While I accept there would be no improvements to Antics apart from bug issues, as Antics have stated, the application as it stands can still produce decent animated video. But if we can add more diversified content, particularly characters, then I'm sure we can continue using Antics3D for years to come.
For the Antics3D community to survive then I suggest that:1. Antics3D make available the necessary 3D animation examples and information so that the community can continue developing content that doesnt require invisible original Antics models.2. Release a character animation tool so that the community can create their own animations that will fit seamlessy with the suppled content.3. Allow interested parties who wish to continue making content to do so using the above supplied Antics3D technologies in much the same way Iclone does with their user base."

And also with Infocentral - "I too would like to continue using this product but I agree we need the information to create content. This is really crucial with character development technology. While I can create these easily in Modo or Lightwave, I need to know a bit more on how to rig then and set them up for use as Antics characters with the motions attached.Please, please before leaving us, release the SDK for creating content in Antics??? "

In my view,
We've got the keys to the car just need to get under the bonnet.
Antics did release 3DS max examples very early in the piece. I have had success in getting the mannequinn style characters into Antics.
I'd love to get a fully rigged character and some documentation on how to export it to Antics. If anyone gets a max version of an existing Character please let me know.


IJ 4, Pre-viz: Jungle Chase

And this too.

IJ 4, Pre-viz: Area 51 Escape

A little Indy, to keep your focus

preViz Reel

Sheldon Whittaker previz reel

Showcase - Pineapple Pictures

Revenge from Pineapple Pictures on Vimeo.
Kate Fosk and Michael R. Joyce

It's just a flesh wound!

 So I'm thinking, it'd be cool to have the content library shipped over to this blog, that way we can just go about our daily chores. Also whilst we're at it, why not have the application downloadable from here as well. In that way at least the community can continue to grow.  If the application user base grows then the chances of 3rd party interest may also be viable.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Antics Custom Character Content for Sale? Scene Systems, Free-D

--------------PRESS RELEASE-------------------------
Antics Technologies will no longer offer Antics3D after November 28th, 2008.
Existing license of Antics3D is permanent.

Antics Technologies has reached an agreement to license the Antics3D Core Technology to Free-D Pictures, a production house for children’s animated films. For reconstruction, pre-visualization and training uses, Antics3D has been licensed by Scene Systems Ltd.

We want to extend the wide range of services our new companies will offer to you for your current and upcoming projects to show the high-quality animations and rapid turnaround times we can deliver.

Sales of Antics3D through Antics Technologies were not generating enough returns.
Antics3D has a user base of 20,000 customers, about 1,000 of whom have acquired the professional version, the revenue simply doesn’t cover the very high cost of development and content.

We will continue to provide support for Antics3D through June 5th, 2009
You can continue to download all of the available Antics3D Content from the Antics3D website.
We will shortly release v5.1, which will deliver a number of enhancements and updates to v5.0. After this, the only public releases will be for critical bug fixes.

This is the news from Antics I recieved today.  Unless the new owners of the core licence, continue to develop Antics as a product, the next version (V5.1) may need the final one.

I wonder if an enterprising 3d artist or an establish character creation company (like Quidam) would like to add 20,000 to their client list? The opportunity to sell character content has now been presented. I would be happy to use this blog to market this service.

I do not know what the new owners will be offering us in terms of Antics content/characters.

Antics is a solid toolkit, even without further development it's a good solution for a whole range of clients. 21,000 users think so.

Time will tell, Tony, time will tell.