Saturday, January 17, 2009

Antics3d v5 review

The new Antics 3d forum is growing and now has over 100 users. It is a great meeting place for Antics users of all levels.

There are many open topics for discussion, including a help section where Antics support staff are still actively helping out. Also there a many threads on asset creation and charcter development. As well Colonel_Klink has some great screenwriting articles.
Antics v5 is an excellent program for machinima and previz.

For a great breakdown of v5 check out this review ,
and thanks to prolific forum poster "Infocentral" for finding it.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Revenge from Pineapple Pictures on Vimeo.

This short project is Kate's first experiments with Antics3d v5. Having never used this platform before I kept the animations very simple..walk, look, emote.The sets are adapted from Google warehouse downloads, and the final render was considerably mucked about with, using newbluefx.The music track features the track Rust from No Really, find more track by this artist on Jamendo

New PREVIZ Blog launched! Previzpost.blogspot

Hi all, if you are after purely previz articles, check out my new PREVIZPOST blog. This'll be the home for all things previz. All applications, all types of previz. If it's on the web it'll end up in
contributors please email me

Sketchup animated

Depth of Field

You can create a depth of field look in all versions of Antics, it just requires a compositing application like after effects, and the creation of a special type of file. A file that has the closest elements to camera white and the furtherest elements black. The steps of gray in between set the amount an element is in focus. Here is an article which explains this a little better. So how do you get z map out of Antics?

Depth of Field in action.

Well the way I found worked best of all was to texture map all the elements with a white texture and then set the fog level so that the furtherest items faded off to the blackness.