Sunday, February 24, 2008


Wow, I won the Medical Comp! How cool! I loved seeing the other entries. The whole reason I started this blog was to build a community where we got to share each others work and swap battle stories!

Some really cool clips came out of the comp, and there are some cool clips showing up on the Antics gallery now. I love the Pawn trailer, and the Coward clips, the July Snow clip strikes a cord as does the Diamond Chaser and Have a Ball pieces.Crash Test's opening sequence is really cool (that stuff looks easy but it's always harder than it looks), & Medical Antics (I need a machine like that). My current fav is Antics ER. I love anything that takes the micky out of the establishment. Also I liked the soundbyte at the head. Anyway here is the Folie clip on a larger display along with a Folie COMPARE clip which helps show what can be done even without a post pass. Just for interests sake here is the Looking Back along with it's compare clip Looking Back COMPARE.
Some of you may have seen the tower I built, it was driven by a post on the forum which mentioned multi-level sets as being a feature Antics had over it's competitors. The tower ended up featuring in my Folie clip, along with the chopper. I was really happy with the chopper blades, I duplicate three blade sets and offset them slightly, adding levels of transparency gave them the feeling of motion blur. The low angle shots in particular looked good. The other scene I had in my head very early on was the bathroom sequence. I wanted to mess around with the concept of a mirror image.
So I built the bathroom set with a picture frame cutout on one wall. Then I pinned the hands of two identical characters to each other so that the performance resulted in a mirror image. It was made a little more difficult by the (Head Swap out) adjustment to the character and by the building/matching of a duplicate set with lighting on the "otherside". Each tile was a squished cube to allow for the popping out effect. whilst this was tedious it gave nice lighting results as each tile edge caught the light. The naked lady in the bath is achieved by setting the dress texture to invisible. This is also using the head swap out The basin/basin reflection water levels shared one billboard. On the wall, the dress hanging on the towel rack is the original towel but with the dress texture applied. The ship was scaled down (I wanted smaller but 0.01 is the limit). As it turned out the entire sequence evolved and the mirror shots were dropped in the cut. Speaking of the cut, my edit actually ran to 3mins before I re-read the rules and found I had to trim 1min off! Doh! The long version is on the tube if you're interested.The next set I built was the padded cell. The cell is actually made of armchairs, which gave it that curved surface feel.
The corridor set was developed as a way of getting the nurse/trolley moves to also add to the storyline. The little control rooms were really just one room duplicated many times. I used sketchup to quickly build the shape of the room and then Antics a lighting prop to dress the ceilings. I like the guy in the wheelchair. I used the pinning technique to get the girl to push the trolley along. This corridor sequence was always meant to be an opportunity to have lights pass over the character (like in Jacobs Ladder). Didn't quite get there though. The eyes close effect is done with a painted texture map and some spheres for the eyes. The best result was to painted the eyelash in the closed position. If I duplicated the head and had one setup with eyes open I could do blinks! (excited!). My favorite moment is the ocean scene. The ocean is made up of a scaled down rolling hills prop with water texture. The trick was to duplicate the hills prop many times and tile up a very large ocean. The ship was rigged to rock and roll like on a gimble to set poses. Setting rooms to the deck sizes helped the process. So then I simply direct the ship to blendto the poses and made the ocean pass along. These elements appeared in the timeline so it was easy to adjust timings base on the camera move.
The entire content for the Folie clip was derived from the ANTICS content library. This is with the exception of the corridor set and the island. All questions comments are most welcome.