Thursday, November 27, 2008

Will the last one to leave please turn off the lights!

Well last day for download of v5! (sad, but maybe there'll be an unofficial link out there) .....
The good news is there's a link for the content library now!
download content
Still no news on V5.1 and those extra emotion characters!
I noticed there are still new comers on the forum! Wow seems wacko that a product is being phased out whilst the customer base is growing!
If anyone wants to share how they have been going with alternative programs I'd be interested.

JRAY posted this final wishlist on the forum
Antics3D is ceasing development of the software, but if someone out there is looking to create the next best thing in RTR / Pre-viz, these are my top suggestions of which direction I'd like to see the field move in (considering Antics3d's feature set as the base). FIXES OR NECESSITIES:
-Off-line Help File
-Rigging specs for Emotional Characters (or more Emotional Characters)
-Accurate BVH animation importWISHES:
-A "Replace" object command-Move Main Camera to this View command-Color Coded Toolbars (i.e. "Direct" is red, "Camera" is blue etc..)-U/V or other coordinate control for Textures
-Keyframeable Textures
-AVI Textures
-Keyframeable Object Movements
-Object Clipping-Add Custom Content to Content Viewer
-Depth of Field Control-Automaton Characters and Traffic
-Automated Chase, Follow, and Fight scripts
-An Automated Environment Engine
-A Physics Engine
-A Particle Engine
-Hi-fidelity Stereo Positional Audio
-A variety of 3D geometry importers and exporters
-Camera Track Exporters
-Text (xml) based user editable files for everything including takes
-Integrated Video (or Macro) Tutorials
-A character rigging converter workshop for mocap data
-The ability to split animations (waist up and pelvis down)
-Recordable game style real time control of vehicles, characters and cameras (a la Machinimation)
-Multi-actor real time character controls
I know it's a lot of stuff, but many game engines already utilize the majority of these. I'm sure you have your own ideas, post them here and hopefully the author(s) of future machinima - rtr 3d software will have a single post to reference.

I suppose Iclone scores highest on this list. I haven't checked out the new v but the cam control was a definate dud on the prior v. Also the poly count was quite low.

If I had the time I'd think an engine like that in Half-life 2 would probably be able to be kitted up to get us there. Maybe we should get across those modders, I know that community is about the size of a small country! What's happening with Z-Viz?
I'm still thinking the Antics toolkit is looking good for a good while yet. Good.

Finally, Please ... a moment of silence for the victims in Mumbai and Afghanistan.