Friday, May 29, 2009

quidam3 25% discount offer

The Q3 demo version has just been released, check it out.
Also have a try of Animeeple for character animation!
It is new, it is very intuitive and it lets you:» Apply animations onto characters» Layer and sequence the animations» Edit animations using procedural modifiers» Render images and movies» Animate your Second Life™ avatar» Export content as FBX, Collada, BVH and XMLExporting from QUIDAM to Animeeple requires the COLLADA export plugin (included in QUIDAM Studio, this plugin can be purchased separately by QUIDAM users).

If you are interested in markless motion capture, drop by my other blog, PREVIZPOST I think it's pretty exciting technology.


InfoCentral said...

Does the Antics plug-in work with the new 3ds Max 2010 software?

JP_Fife said...

Tried that Animpeeple software but it kept crashing on loading a Quidam export - I was stopping and starting the video tutorial at the same time. It might be the fact that I've got Vista but I doubt it. Anyone else having problems?

Anonymous said...

not sure about max 2010 for the plugin.