Saturday, August 25, 2007

lights, shadows, yucky lookats and other stuff.

Well I've finished by latest epic, you might catch it on Antics website next month. It's been a big job 11scenes in 16 days. I'd thought I'd write a bit about some new things I tried out.........


previz said...

(a) I built an array of 5 lights set in a line. They were parented to a control axis and provided for some nice lighting effects. I found that if I coloured some of the lights I could set the control axis and get some interesting effects. (b) if you want a character to have some lookat or eyeline randomness, try getting a baby to walk around behind the camera and have your actors interact with it. (c) to get a very localised light condition, set your light to c=.1 L=2, Q=2. If your lighting a face set this key light to one side. Tweak your set ambient light for fill effects. (d) to get a random light flashy thing, draw a path like you've got the shakes, then get your lamp to follow it. (e) I tried out a billboard shader to emulate the shadows you might get where a wall meets the floor. It was a fuzzy line and seemed to work a treat. (f) when you want to get your guy do do some animation try finding a prop action that's close and then hide the prop and substitue it for your desired prop. (g) if you are getting an undesired body movement when you do a lookat,(especially after you've spent ages setting up a pose.) Try putting a clone in the exact position and have it do the look at command, (Hide the body on the clone. )Then hide the head of your original character and don't get it do do any look ats.

good luck.

Stefan Avalos said...

I'm concerned about your use of babies on set. You do realize that there are laws specifically in place, at least here in the states, to prevent children from being over worked?
Is this being supervised properly?