Saturday, October 20, 2007


Well, as usual I've sat down to write a quick bit on my latest clip, and ended up back in Antics creating some other stuff to post on the blog! Just like the frames in this article I used an ALIENS technique on the "Autopilot" music clip, which I just finished last night for "The Selfish Gene". Lucky for me they were after something weird and 2001 ish. I'd been playing around with swapping out geometries on models and got some fun effects. The alien character especially has a cool look. To achieve this effect, start by adding baby fred to the scene your hero is in. Then display your hero characters properties panel. In the geometry area there's an option to 'add', select a baby geometry (baby_fred.k3d). Now your hero's geometry will be replaced by the baby geometry. All animation will be available. If you like you can experiment with different combinations. I found that all the assets will match, but it can be fun. I like the dwarf character you can get by adding male geometry to the baby property!!

Back to the music clip, I built a number of rooms which contained the alien guys and some chairs. These rooms where then duplicated and rotated slightly. They were lined up to form the inside edge of a huge cyclinder. A bit like the rim of a wheel. Each room edge lined up so that one alien could actually walk around the whole rim!

The clip was done in about 2weeks (part time). It's pretty weird but that's the appeal. let me know what you think.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

You should submit this to the Music Video Contest! Awesome creativity as always!