Wednesday, October 31, 2007

lighting a whole city

On the Antics forum there was some discussion about lighting. This is one of my favorite parts of doing a sequence. Lighting can add so much atmosphere to a scene. But what about lighting an entire city! Well I still think it comes down to the framing of the camera as to what you should light. Antics has 7 lights available, even full sun requires many lights to help "model" subject matter. The key to making the scene interesting is using some touchs of colour. Early light or sunset (Magic Hour) is most favored by cinematographers as it provides good shadows as the source of the light is low in the sky. You can have lots of success if you experiement with the properties of the lights. Another tip is to set your icons to 500 when you have a camera so far away from your set. That way it'll be easier to adjust light positions.

Send in your lighting rigs, I'd love to see them.

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