Friday, November 30, 2007

Antics 3d - GAGTRABWTFDAH project.

Antics has a very strong design function which allows you to pin a character's hand or foot to a prop. I read in the manual way back in version 2, something about a bicycle. So I thought I'd give that a go. Let's call it my "Get a girl to ride a bike, with two friends, down a hill project" ..................
(Continued in the comments section!!!)

Update: It's done and on youtube. Great music too.

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previz said...

cont. So if you haven't tried it, grab a gander at the character skeleton by hitting the TAB key once you've got your character selected. Now there's a pin icon. (looks like a pin) Select the
hand and pin it to a dummy axis. Do the same for the other hand with another axis.
These axis can now be positioned onto the handel bars. Move you character over to the bike and get it sitting on the bike (or steal a pose from the sitting on a motorcycle animation, which is what I did!). Ok. Now for the feet. I had the crank and pedals as a separate prop which I set up to rotate around the centre axle quite nicely. I thought you could just pin the feet and we'd be on our way...... BA DOM, BA DOM.

The trouble was that the feet need to stay parallel to the ground when the pedalling action is performed.!!!!!

So unlike the manual, I had to come up with a cute solution to that little problem. Here's the juice...... Use a camera (with a target to the horizon) for each foot. link the foot to the camera, the camera to a pedal. (you might need an adjustment axis also) In my case I had to make sure everything was connected to a little room which I sent down the path on a hill.