Sunday, January 6, 2008

V3 Thoughts - Scale tool

Welcome to 2008. We've all been enjoying the new scale tool in v3, I find it very useful and it opens up some new tricks also. You might have noticed you can adjust the scale of billboards with it but perhaps you didn't know it can be used for paths. When building a reindeer flyover
recently, I wanted the effect of many r'deers on different paths swooping over some poor chap.
I found that if i built the paths in miniture, I could design a nest of paths without having to more the camera very much. Then when I was ready, I just scaled everything by the same value.
Very cool. I'm loving the .fbx from sketchup pipeline now. I wish there was a global (no lighting, etc) option for the texture maps. Also I would like the invisible texture to be moved over to be next to the colour option in the select texture dialogue box.
I like the content browser changes in v3. I often dock this window so that it stays open and I can drag bits into my set.
Working on my medical clip..... catch ya...

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