Saturday, June 28, 2008

Antics for Previz

Today I want to chat about using Antics as a previz tool for production. As you may know, I run Ammo Previz as a service to directors and producers who wish to communicate creative concepts to particular audiences. Many of you may have travelled down the same road as I did in researching and developing skills to service this growing trend.
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previz said...

did in researching and developing skills to service this growing trend. The evolution of programs like, realviz's Storyviz, or Frame Forge or Real Illusions offering and such has been exciting times for the previz traveller. Futher ahead we will enjoy depth of field, shadow and lighting advances, character emotions and real world physics I'm sure. Heck we may even get some presets for the mood of the camera man. ("shaky" for reality tv or "steadicam" for smooth float).
Also it's high time we were able to derive a characer based upon photo references (like some other guys who have been doing it for a lifetime already!)

I for one like the Antics ticket I hold. If, like me, you began this journey in solo in the wee small hours, then you would also be enjoying the huge number of travelling companions we have now.
Previz is an evolving artform. Born form the desire to plan creative and economic concerns in film production, the artform is also crossing over into Machinima (Anymation) as an art in it's on right.

I structure the Ammo Previz service to supply two distinct products. I call them the Production Clip, and, the Presentation Clip. The production clip is designed to target an audience who is in the know, primarliy a production crew or an audience who is aware of the overall concept.
These clips can be produced very quicly and do not need to contain minute details, they are there to act as a moving storyboard, very broad creative strokes to communicate a concept.

The clips which I add colour grading and sound design to are the Presentation Clips. These suit a non-production audience and can be very useful in setting a mood or theme even at this early stage of the process. These clips can help evoke the emotive stance of a presentation. They are great in the pitch process.

Usually I will edit both styles of clips in an external editing package for delivery.

With Antics it becomes an enjoyable and rewarding process to translate scripts and drawings to an animated storyboard. The use of Antics' vast library of content and pool of Sketchup resources position Antics as a perfect tool in this regard. The implementation of cusom assets impacts upon the schedule and budget.

Some personal advice, The director calls the shots. (No matter how great your version looks it has to be the director's vision that the show showcases!)
Be prepared for many permutations. Deadlines can be your friend.
Treat every shot as important. It's best to see your shot/sequence in situ. That way you can develop an eye for what the audience sees rather than what you see. Try to watch sequences you like and then analyse them to see why they work or don't work. Where is the camera, what is the composition, what is the camera doing, waht is the motivation for the shot etc?

Antics is a great tool, it translates the work of DOP, Director, Editor, Lighting/Gaffer, Art Director and Producer into one persons hands.
Enjoy the jouney!