Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cambridge Film Festival - 2 films short listed!

Wow, I 've just read two of my ANTICS films made the shortlist to screen at this year's Cambridge Film Festival.
They are "Looking Back" which is in the Synthetic Cinema session,
and "Folie a Duex" which is in the Dreams and Shadows session.
Antics also makes an appearance with "Right Guard" by Eric Kmetz and "Pawn Trailer" by V.W. Scheich. (Sorry if I missed someone).
We share the screen with work from Phil Rice (aka Overman) and Tom Jantol, not to mention Hugh Hancock and Lit Fuze and Frank L Fox. These guys are all from the Machinima scene, where Antics is the new kid on the block.
Fingers crossed.

(prays to Peter Rasmussen)

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Matt "The Mongoose" Kelland said...

The screenings went extremely well - it was great to be able to show such a variety of machinima, representing an enormous spread of genres and visual styles, and using an incredible variety of software, both game engines and dedicated machinima tools. It was a pleasure to show your films.