Friday, October 3, 2008

New Antics Website, logo and V5 coming... Is it xmas already?

Wow the guys in the steam room have really been chucking in the timber. The new website for Antics looks very slick and now has that search feature we've been looking for, what a great resource for users. I'll cover off the V5 news just as soon as it's released. How exciting, emotions on our characters! And what do you think of the new logo. I guess they'll change the watermark in the new version also!
Also checkout the latest Machinima Podcast called The Overcast. This week Ricky talks to Brad Kolacinski from Antics3d about the latest improvements to the Antics program in version 4, including a much improved lighting system and a new pricing structure, and he gives us a taste of what to expect in version 5 (FACIAL EXPRESSIONS!) (here's the link they released)
I'm home for my (once a month) weekend with the family right now, but when I get back to Adelaide I'll post some more.....

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Ricky Grove said...

Thanks for the link to the Overcast. Congrats on the new site. The search feature alone will improve it dramatically. Looking forward to spending more time there and to the release of V5. Good work, Antics!