Friday, December 12, 2008


The new forum is coming along nicely, there has been some real progress in the character development area. Also there's an important petition for pro users to check out. The forum is very open and becoming a great resource for veteran and newbies alike.
please take some time to check it out.
Also news is that the new offical characters have now been released and are available to download on the antics site.
If your are thinking of contributing to the discussion on Project Talent, the forum topic dedicated to character building, (both kinds), then check out this tut on skinning.
This latest test is from Quidam to Max to Antics.


AnticsFife said...

Thanks Tony, the Max tutorial is basically the same as the Quidam tutorial - with the addition of commentary by what sounds like some London geezer! It's sad that we're making progress on character creation after Antics has gone.

InfoCentral said...

I just Antics had something like iClone's Bone Clone. That sure would have added a lot of impact to the program and content.

Anonymous said...

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