Wednesday, March 4, 2009

NEW HALO character in antics3d

Master Chief anyone? I finally worked out the pipeline for new characters into Antics. I was able to sort out the mesh, skeleton and vertex linking so that the MC can walk around quite happily in the Antics world. The buggy is straight from sketchup (took 3mins to download, gotta love that!) The process is a little fiddley but worth it in the end. The biped in Max is the native skeleton structure for the 3d exporter to create an Antics file. The mesh came from linefour
Update March 10.
Current Aim: to create new female character with better poly resolution. Researching texturing and hair solutions. If you have a character you need for a project pls let me know.


Anonymous said...

love your site, how about creating a tutorial on how to do this so that others in the Antics community can help with importing as well.

(i have the pro version btw)

JPFife said...

I second this, since we lost the Who's got wot topic on the forum, perhaps you can create a new topic giving step by step instructions? Perhaps even print it off to a pdf? Although I suppose Max (hiss spit) is heavily involved in the process.

-y.yos- said...

how can i download this halo character? that will be great.thx

previz said...

stay tuned

InfoCentral said...

Good job! Now I wish I had Max to try it out myself. Have you tried the new emotive characters yet?

The Alliance said...

Thanks for the update. Looking forward to seeing/hearing more, if and when you have a chance. This capability greatly enhances the production pipeline.

Max Expectador said...

Hi, i'm new to Antics, just got done downloading the version you have available here (3). I was wondering, what can i do or where do i go to get the v4 or higher version? Thanks mate!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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