Saturday, April 25, 2009

92 years or 3 days? MachStudio Pro

Toy Story took 800,000 render hours to complete what is still a fantastic example of 3d animation. This week
I'm very excited about Studio GPU and MachStudio Pro.
"StudioGPU's MachStudio Pro reinvents the visualization workflow by putting the power of real-time graphics processing at your fingertips and real-time rendering on your desktop.
This isn't just an incremental shift, but a bold change in the way 3D CGI is created!
MachStudio Pro lets you truly Work at the Speed of Thought!"
Judging by the look of the finished renders, a film like Toy Story could be rendered in less time than it took to render the original credits!
Running on Microsoft Windows with off-the-shelf computers and high-end graphics cards, the software features a nonlinear animation timeline providing for multiple layers of animation channels, unlimited camera setups which can be animated via splines or key frames, intuitive lighting set-up for designing both simple and complex light rigs, an interactive materials editor, and particle generator. All these features and more are available through an intuitive GUI, which allows for real-time manipulation of scenes. Check out the site.
This is great news for our Antics community. Although this product is aimed at a studio market, it shows that the future of realtime animation is alive and well.


AnticsFife said...

Looks interesting and impressive, but the website seems light on specific information, including price: ergo it's going to cost an arm, leg and first born.

AbacusLA said...

MachStudio Pro comes bundled with an ATI FireGL V8650 graphics card and costs only around $5k

InfoCentral said...

Nice...but appears to be very costly. Better bet for now is TrueSpace which can be obtained for FREE now that Microsoft bought them. They recently entered into the real time rendering arena just before the acquisition. Microsoft is even giving away all the training videos for FREE as well.