Saturday, July 18, 2009

Machinima in Brazil - FILE 2009

This year sees two ANTICS entries in FILE 10 NURBS PROTO 4KT, the title of the FILE 09 exhibition, that will be held in São Paulo, Brazil, from July 28 to August 30, 2009.

Congrats to Pineapple Pictures: Kate Fosk and Michael R. Joyce
for the machinima clip - Revenge
A short machinima work made using Antics software. A wife discovers her husband is using their caravan as a place to take other women. In a fit of jealous rage she sets fire to the van.

For my part, I was fortunate to have been invited for "Dark Previz"
If you get chance to check it out, I really had some fun with the lighting, in fact the project for me was really a test to see if some emotion could be presented from the 3d characters with set expressions. Also have a look at the artwork on the table and wall, some of my attempts at drawing.
I started this project using V2 of Antics3d. It was completed with V2.79. V3 of Antics fixed the wierd facial action that occurred when a character spoke. So if you're wondering if V3.1 of Antics is worth trying out, I'd say a big yes.

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