Friday, August 10, 2007

desert background

For Stefan who wrote.....Hey Tony, I'm just finishing up on my epic pre-viz. :) As you I'm sure know, It's in the 14'th hour that things get hairy. I had a bit of frustrating day with "goto" paths getting corrupted by "lookats" in antics. Anyway, I will send you a link to my viz as soon as one exists. I'm excited to share it. - how did you do your desert?

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previz said...

I was using an earlier version when I did mine so I actually mapped a sphere with a pic that I'd photoshop'd for my desert scene, (this way you can rotate the image and line up the sky to wherever your camera is framed) The good news is, in the current version there is a "Wild West Fort" in the sets folder in the content library. This has a backdrop which is kinda deserty. One other trick was to put a pic onto a card (billboard) and then travel the cars past that, to achieve some more speed. Just like the old days with rear projection! (HOT TIP)-make the sphere "off floor plan", that way it won't mess up other props.)