Friday, August 3, 2007

A warm welcome to "L.A. Antics 3d meetup group"!

Hi all, thought you might like to hear what Brad Kolacinski, (Antics 3d U.S.)
had to say about this forum,

Hi Tony,
This is great. We will definitely push folks to the blog.
Thank you for setting this up. I love the Reality Hacker trailer...
great camera work and lighting!
Brad Kolacinski
Director of Marketing Operations- the Americas

Thanks Brad!
For anyone in L.A. who would like to know more about Antics.........

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previz said...

The Los Angeles Antics Pre-viz 3D Animation Meetup Group is a MUST attend event
if you are an Indie Filmmaker or Screenwriter who is looking for ways to get a leg-up on the
competition. Instead of just handing a script to a potential financier, show a trailer of your film or opening sequence, without ever stepping foot on set or behind a camera. Brad Kolacinski will be presenting how ANYONE can now create 3D animated storyboards or pre-visualization for pre-production planning or pitching ideas. Also at the event, current Antics users will be showcasing some of their recent work and describing how their Pre-viz has helped them to obtain more interest in their projects and to secure additional funding. for more info