Friday, July 25, 2008

Monty Granito - Focus on

Welcome to my first "Focus On" article, this time I'd like to present the work of Monty Granito.
I first became aware of his work through the extra's portion of the Jumper dvd. The film itself is fantastic and the work involved in creating the previz for the film is really first rate. The best part of being part of the Antics community is that, in the field of previz for film, one can find plenty of research material to develop our own skill in the field. Antics is of course, just one of many tools available in this important story telling phase. I believe Antics is a revolutionary tool in aiding everyday filmmakers, plan and design thier visions to achieve hollywood at home. As a film effects junkie, I live for the process. I'm very fortunate to be working in the field but people like Monty Granito are my idol. One day when Antics has saturated into the hollywood, ........

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previz said...

we will all become contributors.

here are the projects Monty has worked on,

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009) (post-production) (previs animator)
Bedtime Stories (2008) (post-production) (pre-vis supervisor: Proof, Inc.)

Tropic Thunder (2008) (pre-vis supervisor: Proof Inc)
Jumper (2008) (previs animator)
I Am Legend (2007) (previs animator: Proof, Inc.)
Across the Universe (2007) (data coordinator) (uncredited) (pre-viz animator: Proof)
Transformers (2007) (previs animator: Proof, Inc.)
Charlotte's Web (2006) (lead character animator: Proof Inc)
Barbie Diaries (2006) (V) (camera animator) (lead shot designer)
Underworld: Evolution (2006) (previsualization designer: Proof Inc.)
Stay (2005/I) (previs artist)
Flightplan (2005) (previz artist)
Far Cry (2004) (VG) (pre-viz animator: cinematics)
Art Department:
Flightplan (2005) (pre-visualization artist)
Animation Department:
Flightplan (2005) (lead animator)

So how does one become like Monty?
Classically trained as an illustrator, and having developed expertise in all types of 3d animation/modelling he began working in commercial and video animation in New York for , Psyop, Quietman, and Curious Pictures. Specializing in character animation and cinematography.

For the last few years he has been working on feature films in Hollywood, from Underworld to Transformers. As a Previsualization animator/supervisor, He worked with world renown directors, VFX supervisers, cinematographers, and storyboard artists to help facilitate the directors vision.
As a Previz lead it often falls upon me to create and edit sequences from scratch. Taking full sequences through thought, blocking, coverage, finished animation, and edit. All while working within the logistical and financial realities of the real world.
And here are some of the software he has mastered, XSI, Maya, Premiere, Vegas, sound forge, acid, After effects, Photoshop, Painter

Lets see if Antics gets added to that list!