Saturday, November 1, 2008

Antics Academy

Thing best thing about a pencil, is that it's compatible with all forms of paper! So as a tool for creating a storyboard it's always going to be king! However, as a tool to create moving storyboards, well Antics is now royalty. It's a fun and creative kingdom we live in.

An ever growing sector of the Antics community is the Machinima group. Traditionally Machinimals would express a creative concept using the 3d engine of their favorite computer game. Short clips were made featuring scenes and characters derived from the game world.
This artform has produced some wonderfully imaginative and brilliantly written works.
It's great appeal is that it opens up animation to anyone with a computer and a little creative flair and you can create pieces very quickly. Of course people were limited to staging stories in some other artist's world, using some other artist's characters but that was also the appeal.It's a bit like a movie spoof. The gag's are funny because you are already familiar with the backstory.
Then along comes Antics. As more and more of us study at the Antics Academy we are being given a much wider choice of stories to tell, and ways to express them.
Take this clip , here the artist has followed through with a creative presentation of a subject that is very close to him. It's an interesting showcase as it mixes game scenes with Antics scenes. It's also worth noting, it's the first clip by this artist. Aside from some framing and sound elements I think it's great. Thanks to Michael Stitt for the clip.

FYI here is my favorite clip. by JAYDEE. It's made with the SIM'S but it's the one that got me in search of a product like Antics and to start making my own stuff.

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