Monday, December 1, 2008

lights are on, nobody's home - Moviestorm anyone?

The Antics site is closed. For some registered users, you can continue to download the 1.1 gb content file as well as the v5 installer.If you are having logon trouble, perhaps try brad
or support
I am wondering about v5.1 and reported new emotion characters.


Here's hoping Matt K or David B (Moviestorm) will shed some light as our crew of 20,000 decide whether to sail on or jump ship......I can hear the band is still playing.......lovely music......nice night for a cruise... pity it's so cold out.....hmmmmm what's that lump of ice ahead.


AnticsFife said...

I've just tried the site - went to look at the forum. It's all gone except for a couple of pages, home and download.

I don't know if the system's fully up or not but both the emails that I have for Antics - my yahoo address and an Aol address - get kicked back with a message that the email address is not registered with them.

I don't like Moviestorm and don't think too much of iclone, though I guess I'm going to have to bite the bullet on one of them.

afterThought said...

Well, when the band started playing different music, I got a little suspicious. They started kinda ignoring requests and playing only what they wanted.
Then the Captain came over the horn saying unfortunately, they've realized the ship's in spot of trouble so he's taken the only life raft with a few of his buddies and has abandoned ship - leaving the passengers sailing to their certain deaths. After weighing my options and knowing that I wanted to live, I jumped overboard without a life preserver.
Luckily, the HMS iClone was nearby and plucked me from the turbulent, frigid waters of uncertainty. They offered to take me along to my destination... for a modest fee, of course. :)

afterThought said...

Yeah, seriously my biggest issue with Moviestorm is that it feels like everything is 'canned' with the animations. It's like I see the same hand moving through their hair, scratching their chest (or adjusting the tie?) in almost every short. It drives me nuts.

At least with iClone you can customize the movements which when they fix that BVH exporter (please!!!) will be awesome. I will admit I'm new to iClone and some aspects of it are a pain, but for me, the pros with what I can potentially do with it far outweigh the cons.

Anonymous said...

I'm unhappy. Was in the middle of ripping down the forums (uk and us) when they pulled the plug. Even better, now there is no 5.0 help file at all. Other unresolved issues: No support (as promised by contract), No additional emotional characters, No BVH import fix, No SketchUp global folder delete fix, No lost takes fix. This is ripe for a Class Action suit. Any eager lawyers out there?

dazza101 said...

I checked the site yesterday and it was still up - I made an attempt to spider the V5 help file, but it was only partially successful.

I got most of the htm pages, but none of the graphics/css were captured. I wasn't too concerned because I thought I had some time to sort out how to download the rest. I'm going through it know to see if I can turn it into something useful.

I really didn't think they would bring down the entire site like this without any warning. Not sure I hold out much hope for the v5.1 update either.

Colonel_Klink said...

Sadly I think that it is the Antics community that was set adrift and not the crew.

I had several models in the pipeline for Antics, and was hoping Antics would have at least supplied the base models and animations, so that we could make our own.

I've played around with Iclone and wasnt fussed on it at all. Moviestorm I haven't bothered with yet.

I would have thought that the forum could have stayed up for at least June next year. That way we still had some contact with each other.

Oh well, I guess, we will just have to survive the best we can.

InfoCentral said...

Looks like the Antics Blog Forum now.

Oh well, I guess we have been cast aside. I guess someone could set up a Antics Yahoo community if they wanted too. Seeing how they have totally dismantled the forums; I hold very little hope of seeing 5.1 or the manual. What concerns me more is the fact that if anything happens the online activation isn't going to work either.

MovieStorm isn't really an option for me because the business structure they have adopted. That being they are the exclusive supplier of content and you can't import or create anything yourself. If you haven't seen iClones newest effort at getting your own custom characters into iClone then you have to see this! Its called Clone Bone and...well just check out the video.

AnticsFife said...

I was quite surprised by the abruptness of it all too, and the fact that they've howfed the forums. I would have thought they would keep those going, even as a cheap support system until June 2009.

I'm going to get off an email today to see what the situation is regarding the site not accepting my email addresses. How many others have had this problem?

Seems like this blog is our "last best hope."

previz said...

head over to the new forum guys, link at top of blog!

Colonel_Klink said...

I've had a look at Moviestorm. Not being able to create your own assets kills any likelihood of me using it.
I think program developers should concentrate on improving the application and let the users develop content. That way a variety and diversive slection of content becomes available to users.

Anonymous said...

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