Thursday, August 6, 2009

free bvh files - 1000's

Hi guys, things are looking up on all fronts. Here's a batch of bvh files you may like to bookmark.

Here is a list of the actions.

I big shout out to the quidam guys. Must say I'm enjoying the way these guys have designed to posing feature within quidam. Just posed up a guy to dirve a forklift. Brought the forklift in as a prop, scaled it to suit the guy and then set a transperency value of 50% to the scene. This way I could see exactly where to position him. Too easy!
Looking forward to the day I can animate within quidam.!!

Oh If your'e a lightwave user, check out JimmyRig. It's a bit like a junior Motion Builder, great for building/combing bvh motions.

Also if you're looking fix a machinima fix, I strongly recommend mellowhardy on the Moviestorm channel. Judging by the results he's getting out of Moviestorm, it may just be time to take another look at this app. I hope they can get over the flicky textures and robotic (linear) movements of the characters soon. That would be a fine day.



JP_Fife said...

Nice link for the bvh, thanks for that. You should also note that Credo are running a promotion for Life Forms 4, not only do you get the program but you get two Power Move Libraries free. Google Credo or Life Forms for the web address.

Richard Grove said...

Thanks for the heads up on these. BVH link is great. I know what you mean about flickering shadows in Moviestorm. Bugs me, too.