Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Recently I emailed Brad/Gary about this same idea, that is, a dvd of all the content.....
here's a question by infocentral on the forum which is along the same lines

He writes"I was just thinking that it would be a win-win situation, providing $$$ for Antics and at the same time helping out the Antics community, if with the upcoming 5.1 update they put all the content and tutorials on a dvd for purchase. Of course not to be priced gouged either. There also should be a big price difference between the Pro users who already own all the assests and the Home user who needed to purchase it."

It could also include other files/documents to aid the community.
Comments welcome.

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Ricky Grove said...

Great idea. I hope they decide to do it as it really would be win/win. Fingers crossed.